Thanks to those of you who kindly contributed to the dictionary.

Christine Bell shared the word COFFEEISH – any beverage consisting mostly of cream, flavorings and sweeteners—with a dash a coffee just to make it seem legit.

Yeah, I drink that. I add a little coffee to my half-n-half!

New words for today:

SOCIOAPATHY – (noun) the utter lack of interest in anything to do with social digital media.

I’m Twitterburned today, totally consumed with socioapathy.

SOCIOAPATHETIC – (noun) A person who doesn’t give a gnat’s ass about twitter, facebook, linkedin, or blogs. This person does not own a smart phone, or even a cell phone. They watch an analog TV with the conversion box.

My old man is such a socioapathetic! It’s so frustrating. I’ve lost him in Home Depot, and I can’t even text him, cause the idiot doesn’t own a cell!

I don’t think I can take credit for spillworthy, but I have ratcheted it up a notch:

SPILLICIOUS –  (adj.) A very juicy tidbit of gossip or intel you can’t wait to spill to your posse.

I have some absolutely spillicious news. Call me.

My fav for the day:

PLOTFODDER – (noun) any headline, song, overheard conversation or observation that turns on your inner author muse.

Did you see that couple fighting in the Olive Garden? She dumped her eggplant parmesan all over his ass. That’s plotfodder right there. Where’s my digital recorder?

I see the world differently than normal people do. I look at everything as a possible next novel. The other night I watched a documentary about the Spartans. Now, my daughter would think, oh, they led a rough life, and that would be the extent of her reaction. I’m thinking: Hmmm. After that grueling training, they are either accepted into the “inner sanctum” or rejected. How about a rejected Spartan seeking revenge gets bit by a Were. He becomes immortal. He gets his revenge, but then what? Oh, yeah. A volcanic eruption leads to his becoming trapped underground for eons, and along comes perky miss archeologist who inadvertently uncovers him…

Yeah, see, you can’t take me anywhere.

Words, people?


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