As a debut author in e-pub format, I face unique challenges. All of us do. How do I connect with readers like me? I am the kind of audience I need/want to reach. I am not a big follower when it comes to my favorite authors. I read their books, but I don’t friend them on facebook, visit their websites, tweet them. I just want to read their books, that’s all, and I’m an avid reader.

What I’ve found as a writer, is that we as a community blog mostly for each other. We tweet each other, and friend each other, but we are not necessarily each other’s audience. I want to break out of the loop. How do I do that when absofreakinlutely no one has heard of me?

I’ve thought about standing on a busy street corner with postcards of my book. Out of 100 passer-bys, how many would go to the trouble of checking out my excerpt and buying the book, do you think? How about taking out print ads? Will that work? I’ve gone through the checklist as far as having an Internet presence goes. But, what about the reader who doesn’t spend a lot of time on the net? How will they find me?

Established industry professionals say all the time that the most important thing in promotion is to write a good story, and to continue writing good stories. Okay. I can do that. I think. I hope. I doubt. I angst. Ah, the spiral begins.

Any thoughts on this subject? How do you break out of the industry professional loop to reach readers like me?


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