It all began innocuously enough. I fell in love with a boy, wrote very bad poetry about my profound feelings (gag), and the object of my desire said he liked my work.

The boy didn’t last, but the love affair with words did. They are like pipe cleaners and legos to be bent, twisted and snapped together in a myriad of ways. I love how words breathe life into the inanimate, create movement and action by standing still, conjure all manner of magical creatures and reduce a reader to helpless tears or bellyaching laughter.

Words paint a picture, carve a sculpture and extend beyond the three familiar dimensions. They are time travelers and planet hoppers, world builders, kings and serfs, antagonists and protagonists.

Whispered in the dark, they become a bridge of trust between lovers, an expression of deep feeling, hopes and dreams. Uttered harshly, words have the power to hurt, to rend apart, start wars.

I read somewhere that the more words one knew and used, the better able one was to reason through conflict. Can you think of anything more powerful than words?

How did your love affair with words begin? Enquiring minds want to know.


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