Here in MN, we have what I’d call a “situation.” We’re suffering a heat wave, and if this were the desert, no big deal. But we’re the land of 10,000 lakes and extreme humidity. Right now it feels like a tropical rainforest outside. It’s in the 90s,(Fahrenheit)  with 75% humidity. I stepped outside to check on my recovering rose bushes, and without even moving, I was dripping. I don’t think it was sweat. I think it was condensation. Bleck.

About my rose bushes, I have a service mow my lawn, because my yard is huge and three sides are steep hill. Too much for me to handle. Okay, I could handle it.  I just (like so many other things in my life) choose not to. I would rather work another part-time job than do yard work. What was I thinking, buying a house with such a big yard? Oh, I remember now. I raised my two children mostly in apartments. Single parent here. In those days, I longed for a home of my own, with plenty of space for my young ones to cavort outside. My daughter was a senior in high school the year that dream came true. I’m sure she did all kinds of cavorting, but it had nothing to do with my yard. And, she moved away the following year. Plus, having grown up in apartments, cavorting in a huge yard was not really in my son’s vocabulary at all. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I hate, detest, loathe yard work. And now that the housing market has crashed, I’m stuck with this football field forever.

About the roses. I thought it would be nice to plant pretty things along the chain link fence. I bought two rose bushes. (Yeah, I know. Two rose bushes aren’t going to cover much fence.) The kind that look like they’re wild, but they’re not. They’re quite tame. I planted them last year, and they were lovely. The roses are coral colored and delicate.

This year I hired a new lawn service. The reason I had to let the last one go is another tale altogether. This new service does a wonderful job, but they started out by weed whacking my little rose bushes off at ground level. Being lazy as I am, I let it go through June. Eventually I bought two of  those wire tomato plant frames to put around the roses to alert the eager weed whackers that they weren’t weeds. The bushes struggled back, but not very well. A couple of weeks ago, I dug them up and replanted them in a little garden behind my garage. It’s protected by a wall of pavers. I fed the little bushes, watered them, and nursed them along, and now I am proud to say that one of them has two rosebuds ready to open any day now.

Like any proud parent, I’m out there every day in anticipation of the happy event, which brings me back to why I was outside in this miserable weather in the first place. TMI, I’m sure, but his is my blog, and I can write about anything I want to!


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