THIS IS REPOST FROM HERE BE MAGIC, but it bears repeating. I do believe. I do believe. I do believe. (Wringing tail.)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the concept of magic. Not the “Las Vegas” illusion show variety, but the “really make shit happen” kind. Does it truly exist? Is it real, or does it only happen in books and movies?

Before one can prove the existence of something, that which is to be proved/disproved must be defined. What is magic? This is where the fun begins. I’ve done research, sought out the source, investigated the occult, shamanism and Wiccan beliefs and practices, all in search of a working definition for magic. In summary, and by pulling bits of this and that from a plethora of disciplines, magic is: bending the environment to one’s will; manipulating the elements to affect a desired result; making shit happen because you can. We do this on a daily basis, only we aren’t aware. It’s magic, and we are all gifted.

In my upcoming release, HEART OF THE DRUID LAIRD (Carina Press/Sept. 19), Dermot MacKay focuses his will to ignite purifying herbs and beeswax candles. He can do this in two ways: 1) draw the already existing heat out of the air in the immediate vicinity, concentrate that heat and touch it to those things he wishes to light, or 2) he can cause friction between molecules in the atmosphere, creating heat for ignition in much the same way that water molecules cause lightning.

Yeah, but that only happens in books, right? Wrong. How many of you have central air conditioners in your home? How does it work? Air flows over a condensing coil. The coil draws the heat out of the air, cold air flows through the ducts to cool your home. Magic.

I hear the mechanical engineers out there, the skeptics and the naysayers. “That’s not magic,” they say, “that’s science.” Hah! Scientists are simply modern day wizards with credentials. Consider the Internet, 4G networks and laser technology. Scientists have manipulated microwaves, sound waves and light waves, bending these elements to their will to send us images, information, videos, you name it. Magic.

Consider the “talk to plants” experiments from back in the seventies. Two sets of identical plants grown in identical, controlled environments. One set gets encouragement on a daily basis from the lab techs. They talk to the plants, touch them, love them. The other set gets sunlight and water. Over and over it has been proved that the plants who were loved grew better, were healthier, and produced better flowers, fruit, whatever. The lab techs (junior wizards) made shit happen. Magic.

We don’t use our entire brain. At some point in our evolution, I predict we’ll tap into the “magical cortex.”  Some say the Mayan calendar 2012 thingie is not about the end of the world, but about a new era in mankind’s journey. Some say it will be an ere of remagicking the world. Oh, I do so hope that’s the case.

We already create our environments, realities and futures, we just don’t know it. Magic is real. Disagree? Agree? Weigh in here, people.


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