I’ve reached the middle years of my life, and it’s got me thinking about things I want to do before I get to the end. Of course, making the NYT’s bestsellers list is way up there, but I know how tough the competition is, and I’m not holding my breath. So, here’s my list. I’d be interested in hearing what kinds of things are on yours:

1) Travel – this is a biggie. I got a taste in 2010 when my son and I visited the UK and Ireland. WANT MORE!

2) Get out of debt – I’m working really hard on this one. I still have student loans! Bleck.

3) Overcome fear of household repairs – I hire people to do things because I have some kind of phobia. Don’t know what to tell you about this one. It. Just. Is.

4) Stay healthy – My son works as an emergency physician’s scribe. He tells me I’m in great shape for my age. (?) I wanna stay healthy. Now, that means every odd twitch has me running to my doctor. Hmmm. Could be the beginning of my next phobia? Nah. I’m pretty down to earth with everything except household repairs.

5) Fall in love one more time – yeah, I know. Shakes head. You’d think I would’ve let this one go eons ago, but it’s still there. Maybe that’s why I write romance.

6) Learn how to drive a motorcycle – my son and daughter say they’ll do an intervention on this one if I push it. They say I’m too easily distracted by shiny things not to have a whole car around me when driving. (This is never going to happen anyway. I don’t even drive my lawnmower, and it’s the push kind.)

7) Write two books per year – I’m slow. Nuff said.

8) Start collecting something other than dust bunnies – yeah, the beanie babies didn’t exactly pan out. I still have some teenie beanies in their original MacDonald’s wrappers. Anyone want to buy them?

For now, this is all I can come up with. I’m really pretty satisfied with my life. I have passions, friends, a job that I’d love if it weren’t for the politics, which I can ignore if I choose. What kinds of things are on your bucket list?


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    • Feel free to add some of my list to your list! I might have to do the same. I had “try haggis” on my list, and I did that while visiting Scotland in 2010.

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