(ORIGINALLY POSTED ON HERE BE MAGIC… by me. I wanted to include it on my own, personal blog. I’d love it you’d comment.)

Anyone who has read my previous posts knows I get very excited about anything having to do with anything considered out of the realm of “ordinary.” I thought I’d share some very exciting recently acquired information with you. It’s new to me anyway. I guess the theories have been around for some time.

I like background noise. A typical Sunday evening will find me with my laptop open, the TV on, and my Kindle or Sony e-reader nearby. This particular evening I had the TV turned to public television, and this is how it went. I’m tweeting, and half-listening to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, parallel universe blah, blah. Say what??  Back up!

Now all of my attention is focused on the Nova specials airing back-to-back. The first one was about String Theory. The second episode was about Multiverse Theory vs. Universe Theory. Oh, yeah. I’m hooked.

A summary of String Theory according to my limited understanding: Physicists once believed the smallest, most infinitesimal part of every atom was a “point” of energy. String theorists posit that the smallest most infinitesimal part of every atom is not a point, but rather a string of energy. This string bends, twists, contracts, expands, loops and turns. Based upon the evidence (which is way beyond my ken) they have surmised that time is not linear, but also loops, twists and turns back on itself, etc. They also claim there are far more than the three dimensions we are familiar with. Physicists have identified eleven dimensions thus far.

A summary of Multiverse Theory according to my limited understanding: Physicists believe there are many universes existing simultaneously, and that very possibly there are many alternative forms of ourselves living out their lives in another universe somewhere.  There are only so many elements in existence, and only so many combinations of those elements forming all matter. The example they gave was very simple and eloquent in its clarity. Take a deck of cards and deal a game of poker. There are a limited number of cards from which to deal each hand. With repeated dealing, over time, patterns and identical hands emerge. Physicists posit that if this same easily replicated phenomenon is applied to the world, only one conclusion can be drawn. Elements somewhere else have combined in identical ways to form many universes. Genetics have combined in identical ways somewhere to form another YOU! These multiverses exist simultaneously with the one we know.

How cool is this? Some people have an intuitive sense that there is more to life than we can ever know or understand. I like to stay open to the possibilities. In my debut novel, HEART OF THE DRUID LAIRD, I guess I subscribed to the String Theory take on things. The Tuatha Dé Danann exist in another dimension. One of the eleven maybe? Their dimension is a void. The Tuatha project onto the void whatever they wish in order to create their living space. Without their magic, there is nothing but a swirling gray mist. The Mists of Avalon is how ancient man came to identify the faerie realm.

My questions to you is: If you had to choose one, and if you could suspend disbelief for a moment, which theory resonates the most with you? String Theory or Multiverse Theory?


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  1. Well, the magical systems in both my novels is based on string theory, inspired by Brian Greene’s book, but I’m using the multiverse approach for my current WIP. So, uh, both..

  2. The jury is still out for me, but I do love the idea of time bending and looping back on itself. For fiction? Whatever works in the moment. :0) Thanks for stopping by.

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