As many of you know, my debut novel (HEART OF THE DRUID LAIRD) came out through Carina Press this past September. What I’ve learned along the way has been a trip—a mind boggling, emotional roller-coaster of soaring highs followed by stomach-droppping dips. You also know I gave up on trying to find an agent a while ago. I was convinced I didn’t need one. (Snort. Life has a way of convincing you otherwise.) I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Some of them have been painful. I’ve also done some things that have turned out pretty well, but all in all…

The conclusion I came to once I typed THE END on my most recent novel is that I need a guide through this baffling industry maze. I have no idea how to grow my career. I’m a writer. I have no marketing experience, no business or corporate experience for that matter, plus, I’m socially challenged. I spend my days with 6 & 7 year olds. I teach elementary education. The closest we get to ‘social media’ is the bulletin board, and some of our conversations are truly cringe worthy. I find myself saying things like, “keep your finger out of your nose! Go wash your hands. That’s how germs are spread,” and “If you’re going to throw-up, do it in the trash bin, not in my lap!”

I decided to give trying to find an agent one more go. Keep in mind I did try for a number of years. I tried and tried and tried. The decision to put myself out there again was not and easy one to make. Rejection is never fun, and I do have an ego. Anyway, long story short, I am pleased to announce that this time it worked.  I am now represented by Spencerhill Associates, Ltd. – Nalini Akolekar. To find out how it all came about, you can visit:


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