Going to the Rodeo! (Including pictures)


I truly suck at photography. In my defense, the livestock and cowboys refused to hold still for me, and I was way up in the nosebleed section. I plan to go to an outdoor rodeo this summer, and I hope I can get better shots. Anyway, here are a few pictures from last night. Even though they’re…not good. Not good at all,  but you get the general idea.

My favorite event is the bull riding. I’ve always wondered how that got started. Everything else you can see the link to a working cowboy’s life. Steer roping, calf roping, bronc riding, these are all part of what must be done on a ranch, but riding a 2,000 pound bull who will try to trample and gore you to death once he throws you off his back?? Hmmm. I envision a group of long ago cowboys sitting around the campfire drinking whiskey. Oh, you know this brainstorm had to involve booze. One guy dares another.

“Hey, Bob, I’ll bet you my best saddle you can’t ride that bull over yonder…”

“Shoot, I’ll take that bet. How hard can it be?” Cowboy Bob staggers drunkenly to his feet. “He’s just another four legged critter with a broad back, and I carry a gun…”

See, they’d already peed their initials into the dirt, compared their bits and pieces, and lost all their hard earned wages playing poker and whoring it up in town. What’s left after that?? I’ll tell you what’s left, a whole lot of stupid while under the influence, that’s what. And of course, the whole thing caught on and is still with us today. (Scratching head.)

Insane. Truly insane. Once a horse throws you, it’ll run away, because you’re a threat. A bull throws you, and he wants revenge for the indignity of having you on his back.

I did buy my very first cowboy hat, and a really cool hand-tooled leather purse. Plus, I had a blast.


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