I recently re-did my office. (New furniture, rug, framed pictures I’ve been holding onto forever…) In the process of transferring things around, I came across a folder  holding poems I’ve written over a long span of years (many years). Yes. I’m a closet poet, and today I’ve decided to “come out.”  I’m going to publish a couple poems per week. It’s not that I think they’re particularly good. I’m no judge when it comes to poetry. It’s more that each represents an emotional event in my life. They’re expressions of my internal state at different points along the timeline of my life, and I want to share them. Large gulp. Here goes.


So fragile a thread from one to another,

So easily broken when carelessly tread.

Like visible breath on a winter’s day,

there for an instant, then gone away.

But cherished and nurtured, thread upon thread,

a web this trust does make.

From one to another becomes our strength,

and never will it break.

© Barbara Longley


Makes me Wonder

Makes me wonder:

Will we ever be one people?

Will there ever be a time when humanity prevails

over the petty toward the sublime?

Is truth really different from people to people?

Or, is it simply disguised,

delivered incognito

from the same source?

Makes me wonder:

Our differences,

like the borders between nations,

man made, become walls.

We make them so.

If there were but one color,

would something gained?

Or lost.

Makes me wonder:

What moves me, what gives me life,

is it not the same for you?

And, when the outer trappings

of this life fall away,

what is left?

The dance.

The gift.


Makes me wonder:

Maybe it’s not the answers that matter,

but the questions.

Not the solutions that count,

but the search,

the struggle.

Anguish which defines the soul,

gives it shape.

Makes me wonder.

© Barbara Longley

We’ll see how this goes. I might just get to embarrassed to post more. :0)


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