Dear Reader!


Yesterday  was a birthday of sorts. In a way, books are like children of the mind. First comes “the idea” which germinates and develops in the mind of the writer. Next comes gestation. The story takes physical form, words on paper (or screen). Pictures and emotions, people and places take shape and are given form. Finally, the book is born, to sink or swim in the world. Our child is no longer attached to us; it is now “out there” for all to read. Yesterday FAR FROM PERFECT was launched into the world, and like any new mother, I’m a nervous wreck. I want my baby to do well. I want readers to like the story, the characters, and setting… And yet, I have to let it go. I did my best, and the rest is up to you, dear reader.

Of course I know FAR FROM PERFECT will not please everyone. What we like is so subjective. But a mother can hope. Here’s the blurb, the cover, and the first editorial comment I’ve received. IF you decide to buy my child of the mind, I’d love to know what you think.  You can leave a comment here, and I will reply. Incidentally, there’s a teaser at the end for the 2nd book in the Perfect, Indiana trilogy. HAPPY READING!

Noah Langford narrowly survived the roadside bombing in Iraq that killed five of his men and took his leg, leaving him haunted by flashbacks and riddled with guilt. When his stepbrother Matt dies in a car accident, the loss feels like the final blow to Noah’s shattered soul. But then he learns about the girlfriend and baby Matt abandoned years earlier, and suddenly Noah has a new mission…

Ceejay Lovejoy was nineteen and pregnant when her boyfriend walked out, disappearing from her life just like her parents did. Since that day, Ceejay has devoted herself to giving her daughter a better life, avoiding any man who could threaten that security—until the day Noah Langford shows up on her doorstep. His gentle spirit has an unexpected effect on Ceejay’s guarded heart, tempting her to take one last chance on love. But when a painful secret comes to light, it threatens to break the fragile bond growing between them…and to destroy a love powerful enough to heal them both.

“This is a tender, touching and wonderful depiction of a tortured hero struggling to free himself of the past and a woman struggling to believe she’s worth stickingaround for.” ~New York Times/USA Today Bestselling author Connie Brockway  


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