MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH, for one day only, the entire PERFECT, INDIANA  trilogy will be available for $1.99 each book. You can pick up the whole shebang for less than $6.00! For those of you who have already read the series, pleas share this with your Kindle owning friends. :0)


ALSO, on Tuesday, February 18th, TRUE TO THE HIGHLANDER will be released. This is the first book in the Novels of Loch Moigh trilogy. I hope you’ll give it a look. We have three modern day heroines who travel to the past, and one intrepid fifteenth-century Highlander who travels to the twenty-first century. Here’s the blurb for book #1 TRUE TO THE HIGHLANDER

IF YOU ENJOY ADVENTUROUS ROMPS LOADED WITH MYSTERY, ACTION AND ROMANCE, I know you will enjoy this series. Here’s the link:


True to the Highlander
True to the Highlander

Native American violinist Alethia Goodsky had plans for her future, and they didn’t include time travel, hocus-pocus good luck charms, or heroic deeds. And she certainly never intended to lose her heart to a fifteenth century Scottish warrior or an orphaned boy unable to hear her music.

A life hangs in the balance, and only Alethia can tip the scale. This is all the supernatural being posing as a Renaissance festival fortuneteller reveals before transporting Alethia back in time to the Highlands of Scotland. Alethia must unravel the mystery before it’s too late if she’s to return home. She throws herself into the task only to have her efforts thwarted by her overbearing, self- appointed protector—Malcolm of clan MacKintosh.

It is 1423AD, the year before Scotland’s King James is ransomed from the British to take his rightful place upon the throne. The Highland clans are at each other’s throats, and all of Scotland suffers under the ruthless reign of their regent, the duke of Albany. Treachery and intrigue rule the day, and all Malcolm wants is peace. Finding a gently bred woman alone on MacKintosh land can only mean more trouble. When the exotic foreigner reveals her strange tale, Malcolm believes she was placed in his path to warn him of coming danger. He cannot allow the willful beauty to put herself in harm’s way for his sake. Malcolm is determined to keep Alethia safe and by his side—if only she’d let him.

Surrounded by enemies, with the mystery still unsolved, passion grows between Malcolm and Alethia until her heart is torn. Should she follow the dictates of reason and find a way home, leaving Malcolm and the young boy she’s adopted behind, or should she listen to her heart and remain true to the Highlander?

I have a favor to ask: If any of you have read HEART OF THE DRUID LAIRD, please consider giving it a few lines and stars on amazon. The kindest, most generous thing you can do for a writer whose stories you enjoy, is to tell a few friends.

As always,


~Barbara Longley



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  1. Barbara!
    I found this book through the Amazon lending library and I am more than happy. Your story reminds me of Diana Gabaldon, but truly, not in a copycat way at all. You just capture Scottish history, passion, and love in such a beautiful way that I feel I have to give you a bit of a frame of reference to how much I loved your tale. How cool; it’s so rare to read about modern day Native Americans in fiction. I absolutely loved the meeting of worlds. Thank you for a beautiful tale. I hope Robley’s story comes soon!
    This really lacks what I felt about your story…just know I loved every bit of it to pieces.

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