I’m taking a break from the dictionary to talk about country music. I listen to all kinds of music. My playlist is eclectic. I have a opera, classical, some R&B, popular, world cultures and blues. Even though I love all of the above, it’s the country music that gets played the most. Why?

Other than the “I kin drink more beer than you and piss farther” songs, which I skip, most country songs tell a story. They’re all about lost loves, found loves, hope, despair, triumph, grief—life. Lots of them have great one liners that sum up all the hero/heroine’s emotional angst like: can’t take another hurt like that, can’t sleep, can’t breathe and I don’t wanna eat… or the one about the brokenhearted man who won’t wash his lost love’s footprints off his windshield because it’s all he has left of her. (Hmmm, what were they doing in the pickup truck that led to footprints on the windshield?) Or the one who saves the voicemail message with their lost love’s voice because they aren’t ready to let go. I can’t listen to a country tune without plotting the whole story out in my head.

Country music plays unabashedly upon the heartstrings of humanity, as do writers of genre fiction. My favorites right now are: Josh Kelly, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flats, Keith Urban and Jerrod Niemann. In fact, I’m going to turn my iPod dock on now. I could use some inspiration while I write.


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  1. I’m an unashamed country music fan myself. I love the way the songs tell a story. Even a song title can inspire. Praying for Daylight once led to a whole plotting session. 🙂

    Since I live in Texas, George Strait is KING! I also like Garth Brooks, Reba, Blake Shelton, Lady A . . . I could go on and on and on. (If you’ve never seen it, check out Joey and Rory on youtube for their song “Cheater, Cheater”). I remember watching them on Can You Duet. Still don’t understand how they didn’t win . . .

  2. Oh, yeah, I like Blake Shelton too, and Chris Young. One of my new favs is the Zac Brown Band. The song Colder Weather—couldn’t you write a story based on that one song?? Okay, this is a secret, I write paranormal mostly, but I love Westerns. Love em. I have a “studs and spurs” calendar. Sigh.
    I’d like to get on that “save a horse; ride a cowboy” bandwagon.
    I think I’ve said too much. :0)

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